From January 2019, ArtsPositive is redefining its DRAW FOR A CAUSE community!

Over the last few months, our online community has grown exponentially, be it on our Instagram, Facebook pages or through our monthly newsletter. Along with illustrators, we also have poets, photographers, animators, textile artists, performance artists plus art-for-change enablers joining hands.

Going forward, we are requesting those who create & support art-for-change projects, share their existing or upcoming initiatives with us.

Your initiative could be a series of visuals (illustrations, paintings, photographs), an animation, a book, a website / blog, or an event. Your project has to have an art-for-change angle.

If your initiatives are in line with our mission, we will promote them through our platforms.

So if you want to be a collaborator, hit the "SHARE YOUR ART" button & pitch your ideas to us!

Deadline: 15 December 2018 (for January 2019)

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