Women Artists Who #DrawForACause

To celebrate International Women's Day, in the month of March, ArtsPositive will feature Women Artists Who #DrawForACause

Are you also keen to participate?
Do you draw for a cause?
Would you like to be featured on our social media channels?
Then, SUBMIT your artwork!

We welcome professional & aspiring women artists from all over the world. There is no age limit for our participants.

We at ArtsPositive understand that every artwork is a work of love. We appreciate the time you take to create & share your artwork with us. However, we will not be able to feature your art if the theme of your artwork does not complement our theme of the month (#DrawForACause). Don't be disheartened! There will always be another opportunity in the future.
**All submissions will be moderated before publishing to filter any inappropriate content.
***ArtsPositive will not be liable for any copyright infringement committed by participants.
What else can you do to connect?
Simply "Like" ArtsPositive Facebook page or "Follow" our Instagram channel & hashtag #DrawForACause
Happy Women's Day!!!

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