Fearless Fifteen Story | Laxmi Agarwal

The series of FEARLESS FIFTEEN STORY is an outcome of "More than Skin Deep", a passion-project by artist, Debasmita Dasgupta (Singapore) and poet, Claire Rosslyn Wilson (Barcelona). This poster is inspired by the courage of Laxmi Agarwal from India.
Laxmi's True Story >>

“One day, you will achieve great things in your life and also fall in love with your face,” Laxmi Agarwal’s father said to her three months after a horrific acid attack when Laxmi saw her face for the first time. Less than a decade later his statements proved to be true when in 2014 Laxmi was awarded both the International Women of Courage award by Michelle Obama and the New Delhi Television Limited NDTV - Unsung Hero of the year award.

Laxmi, has since worked to reduce the number of acid attacks through her campaign to curb acid sales and through her role as the Director of Chhanv Foundation – an NGO dedicated to helping the survivors of acid attacks in India.

But her story of strength hasn’t been without its difficulties. After the attack Laxmi was not confident in every part of her life, and she had presumed she would not find love. That was until she met Alok Dixit, also a social activist whom she met while campaigning against acid attacks.

Alok’s passion for helping others had captured her heart. Though she never told Alok about her feelings, she wasn’t the only one falling in love. A few months later Alok confessed his love for her; “he’d fallen for my courage and spirit”, Laxmi recalled later in an interview with Daily Mail.

When Laxmi was pregnant with their daughter, she experienced a series of bittersweet emotions. While she longed to be a mother, she was terrified that her physical appearance would frighten her child. On April 2014 their daughter was born. “When the doctor lay her down next to me, all she did was snuggle up and go off to sleep,” a reassuring act for Laxmi. She named her daughter Pihu, meaning- the sweet chatter of birds, “because she’s the sweetest sound in my life.”

--- narrated by Isha Bhattacharya

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