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The series of FEARLESS FIFTEEN POSTERS is an outcome of "More than Skin Deep", a passion-project by artist, Debasmita Dasgupta (Singapore) and poet, Claire Rosslyn Wilson (Barcelona). This poster is inspired by the courage of Monica Singh.
Monica's True Story >>

“We all have our share of sorrows and sadness. But if you can create something beautiful out of it then that is amazing”, Monica Singh seems to live by her words, which she explained in an interview with Glamrs. A survivor turned into an achiever, Monica is a fashion designer based in New York, a city she had dreamt of living in since she was a sixth grader. She graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design, NYC in 2016 and has been turning her dreams into reality ever since. Recently she was appointed a Global Youth Champion by UN Women and is also a spokesperson at United Nations representing Face of Resilience from India, arguing against gender-based violence and child marriage.

Even as a child, Monica was just as driven as she is now and often made headlines for winning sports championships. But this drive was tested in 2005 when Monica was doused with buckets of acid while visiting her parents. The acid severely burned the entirety of her face and upper body. It was thanks to her family that Monica was able to find her resolve, managing to finish her college studies while recovering from the burns. Monica’s father, through his constant support, played a pivotal role during her recovery process and spent his life savings on his daughter’s physical recovery. Unfortunately, he wasn’t alive to witness Monica’s dream of working in the fashion industry flourish into reality. Hence, in fond memory of her father, she co-founded the Mahendra Singh Foundation, along with her brother Nikhil Singh. Through their foundation, they provide services for acid attack survivors and the survivors of sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence.

Monica continues to dream and carries on her father’s legacy by helping and empowering those in need and enabling them to become strong and independent women, like herself.

--- narrated by Isha Bhattacharya

If you're moved by Monica's story and would like to share her positive spirit with others, download this FEARLESS FIFTEEN POSTER here & Support #MoreThanSkinDeep!

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