Fearless Fifteen Story | Saira Liaqat

The series of FEARLESS FIFTEEN STORY is an outcome of "More than Skin Deep", a passion-project by artist, Debasmita Dasgupta (Singapore) and poet, Claire Rosslyn Wilson (Barcelona). This poster is inspired by the courage of Saira Liaqat from Pakistan.
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“Every person wishes that he or she is beautiful. But in my view, your face is not everything. Real beauty lies inside a person, not outside,” Saira explained in an interview with Associated Press. A beautician by profession, Saira Liaqat is working to change the perception of beauty within the industry.

Saira works at the Depilex Salon in Lahore, Pakistan, along with several other acid attack survivors who received help from the Depilex Smile Again Foundation, an organisation run by philanthropist Masarrat Misbah.

One summer morning in July 2003, Saira’s husband doused her face with acid. Even though the acid had erased all resemblances to her pretty face of the past, Saira didn’t let it define her life. She wants people to recognize her as “the girl who suffered but did not lose hope.” She has been practicing the craft of a beautician ever since.

Saira’s ambitions have been supported by the Depilex Smile Again Foundation, which trains acid attack survivors in the beauty industry with the hope that they can return to work as well as being accepted socially. Many acid attack survivors are shunned by their community or family, making it even more dificult to recover and support themselves. As Masarrat Misbah explains “The factual realities are too dismal and too depressing to even think of taking up the issue and going forward; but we are utterly devoted to restore the lost lives this cruelty claims”.

Working for a salon has already been a dream come true for Saira, who was interested in the profession since she was a child. She now dreams of owning her own beauty salon one day.

--- narrated by Isha Bhattacharya

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