Let Peace Prevail

Peace has many faces and different expressions! Peace is unity, it is stability or it is home for a refugee, and for poets emerging from shadows of conflict, peace is when there is no more war. The month of September gave an opportunity to team ArtsPositive to see those faces, feel their emotions. Thanks to all of you amazing artists who are now a part of us.

Whether it is our conversation with Karrie Fransman about her experience creating an epic comics for change, or words of hope by women poets from different countries --- every time we were deeply moved. If you have missed any of these stories, visit ArtsPositive @ Medium and get inspired!

You can also catch our featured artists of the month on ArtsPositive's Facebook and Instagram.

We are here to share your creativity with the world. Stay in touch and create more good art!
Art (on top) by Manasvini SN from ArtsPositive.
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