More Than Skin Deep: Coming on 8 March 2019!

"More than Skin Deep" is a series of illustrated poems dedicated to those who aspired to be more than just survivors.

Inspired by the real life stories of courage and resilience of fifteen women, who faced the horrific act of acid attack in their lives, this art-for-change series aims to challenge stereotypes and incite change. Through a collection of illustrations and poetry, artist, Debasmita Dasgupta and poet, Claire Rosslyn Wilson, creatively explore ideas of what beauty and success look like. Their combined creative expression is a homage to the strength of these fifteen fearless women and their capacity to redefine discussions around violence against women.

Besides the illustrated poems, the series also presents fifteen inspiring true stories of each woman beautifully crafted by writer, Isha Bhattacharya. These stories are interspersed with examples and data from a number of countries to give an idea of what needs to be done in order to prevent the act of acid attacks.

Part inspiration, part information, this series presented by ArtsPositive hopes to create a climate of sensitivity in which it is possible for change to happen.

Link to Monica Singh's story from USA
Link to Saira Liaqat's story from Pakistan
Link to Natalia Ponce de León story from Colombia
Link to Laxmi Agarwal's story from India
Link to Reshma Bano Qureshi's story from India
Link to Kateryna Viktorivna Handziuk's story from Ukraine
Link to Masoumeh Ataie's story from Iran
Link to Ritah Ssanyu's story from Uganda

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