PACA - artist residency

Although artist residencies have been around since the early 1900s, it is in this present era that they are gaining popularity, now more than ever. They provide artists with what is most crucial to their work and what the post-modern lifestyle fails to grant, the sublime. Founded on that belief and of providing artists with much needed - time and space, residencies also promise the reassurances of nature and communion.

PACA_Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino (Artistic Projects Antonino House), located in Trubia, a small rural town in Spain is one such ideal residency. Established as an artist-run space, managed by Virginia Lopez, in an old country farmhouse, PACA is a project focused on contemporary art, environmental practices and artistic education, with international residency programmes.

The objectives of PACA are: to promote environmental and ecological practices and sensibilities in contemporary art; to carry out activities related to training, profusion, distribution and education; and to create collaborative networks between local bodies, national and international institutions and universities. They do this through interdisciplinary projects, fostering a dialogue between artistic communities and other members of society.

They also create, organize and produce cultural projects. While also carrying out theoretical and practical studies on site-oriented artistic themes and publishing the work through their in-house publication PACAbooks and through various other digital platforms.

PACA is situated in a creative and complex environment as it is in the intersection between an agricultural and industrial landscape.
The house (one single and two double rooms), bathrooms, a shared kitchen with firewood stove and living room, garden with water well and washing site, and an orchard, apple trees, and vegetable garden. Residents can also use PACA’s library. Indoor and outdoor spaces are also open to the artist’s practice. Artists are also encouraged to use nature and the surrounding environment as their workspace.

PACA residency also offers a workspace, housing, and includes support and information from staff and from the PACA community of artists, curators and researchers. If you’re a Visual, Performing, Land or Textile Artist or an academician, curator etc. and are looking for, or know someone who is looking for the right environment and space to develop an upcoming project, head over to PACA website for more information.

They accept applications through Open Calls as well as by receiving project and portfolios via email:, throughout the year.

Photo caption: Inhabitant Landscapers, on going project 2015-2019 . Virginia López project in collaboration with museum Veranes Villa Romana