Women Artists Who #DrawForACause

Art has the power to not only express but also to empower. It has the potential to speak in volumes without words. So we at ArtsPositive, embarked on a journey that allows artists to voice their thoughts using art as a language. With #DrawForACause, we decided to bring focus to real life issues and engage people from different backgrounds to create an inspiring dialogue that brings together distinct perspectives on one platform.

Kicking off the initiative with International Women’s Day in March, we urged women artists to come forth and share their art that celebrated this remarkable occasion and draw inspiration from their own personal experiences. We showcased illustrations by artists from 13 countries around the world, each with its own unique touch and extraordinary story. These rousing artworks, spoke about the dreams, the adversities, the struggle and above all the journey of being a women.

It was heartening to see the different renditions, some emphasising issues like gender equality while others celebrating womanhood. No matter where we come from, as women we are plagued by some of the same social issues and that in itself unites us. These artists have touched these profound moments vividly through their art.

Each and every woman out there has the power to change the status quo. Many women do not know how to wield that power but we hope these phenomenal artists and their exceptional work will inspire them and enliven their spirit to work towards that change.

Know more about our next call for submission!

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