Celebrating Young Changemakers on International Youth Day

International Youth Day is on 12 August and we encourage all our fantastic illustrators to share their artistic expressions on young changemakers in the world. You can either create something new or share an existing artwork based on this theme. 
ArtsPositive will feature Artists Who #DrawForACause in the month of August. So share your art before 12 August!

Are you keen to participate?
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Then, SUBMIT your artwork!
We can't wait to see your illustrated stories!

We welcome professional & aspiring illustrators (any medium) from all over the world. There is no age limit for our participants. Deadline: 12 August 2018

We at ArtsPositive understand that every artwork is a work of love. We appreciate the time you take to create & share your artwork with us. However, we will not be able to feature your art if the theme of your artwork does not complement our theme of the month. Don't be disheartened! There will always be another opportunity in the future.
**All submissions will be moderated before publishing to filter any inappropriate content.
***ArtsPositive will not be liable for any copyright infringement committed by participants.

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